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A Community for Shia LaBeouf Lovers


Community for Shia LaBeouf Lovers
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This is a community dedicated to the talented, adorable, funny, young actor Shia LaBeouf. He plays Louis Stevens on the Disney Channel's "Even Stevens". And if you haven't seen it, CHECK IT OUT! It's hysterical. Shia is a very gifted actor and is now appearing in "I, Robot" alongside Will Smith.

Shia has grown up and so have his acting abilities. He is now starring in Transformers and doing a hell of a job in it. Destined to become a big action star, he is doing us all proud by staying funny as well as sexy!
This community is for anything and everything Shia LaBeouf related. Post whatever you want but I have the right to delete posts if they are inappropriate. And please be nice to each other! I hate when people come in and make fun of someone else's interests.
So have fun and rant and rave til your heart's content.